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A.00.02.39 Update News


Offizier vom Dienst
Good evening community, it’s time to announce the next patch date. Push A.00.02.37 will be deployed, and the server brought down on 02/15/2020 Saturday at 10:00 AM EST (3:00 PM BST). We’ll make sure to update you when it is back online.

A.00.02.39 Feedback and Updates:

As always we’d like to extend our thanks to all who have taken the time to test and provide feedback. Your continued support allows us to continue to improve The Repopulation with each patch. Below you will find a brief outline of changes/updates for the coming patch.

System Changes and Adjustments:

  • Knowledge Questions updated for the Island.
  • Waypoint access updated.
  • NPC Inquiry Knowledge updated for the Island.

Item System Updates:

  • Cleanup of Item scripts
  • Additional fixes to item backend (odd, very old revert)
  • Fixed item display and conflict
  • Final cleanup for current update/prep work for next update

Area Updates:

  • Double doors have been added to their corresponding buildings in multiple areas.
  • Terrain adjusted for a smoother transition
  • Fixed seams between heightmap nodes

Asset Optimizations:

  • Trees: Now all single trees are under 1k, all grouped trees are under 2k
  • Flora: all flora is now under .75k, all grouped are under 1.2k
  • Shaders: Cleaned up shader files, fixed math conflicts/bad math.


Player Feedback and Changes:

Thanks to the players and testers for all of their feedback and discussions. This has helped us a lot with the Stress Test of the island and to isolate most (but not all) of the errors and issues that have plagued The Repopulation.

Optimizing the art and trees is to help lower the overhead to give a little boost in loading time. As we work through the issues, the higher res assets will be brought back in. This includes buildings, flora, trees, geological art and other environment art and clutter.

Because of this feedback and player interactions we have much work ahead of us, and look forward to the upcoming update. There will be a lot more to test as some of the changes may seem drastic.

Don’t worry, we are still keeping to the same basic style and layout. We hope that this will help with some of the remaining issues and help alleviate some of the crashing associated with area 02 (RIN District).

Upcoming Changes:

Players can expect the patch following this one to focus on terrain/area optimizations as well as continued work towards the new item system.
Testers can expect changes to the Island terrain which will address:

  • Crashing to desktop related to area strt_02 (RIN District)
    • Terrain/area adjustments may provide us with a temporary resolution. We’ll continue to monitor for persisting issues and track them down.
  • Continued Error Cleanup
    • Continue to address outstanding script errors for cleanup.
    • Old HJ character reference errors still present (character_sample.dat)
    • Old HJ Animation reference still present (PxVolume)
    • Old NpScene.cpp errors from old art (location and removal or update)
    • Old Redefinition errors for 12 skills/abilities (grid_glow_xxx)
    • Additional misc errors that add to the overhead
  • Continued work on Item and Container systems.
    • Breaking and recreation of the current Item system
    • Creating and Testing Migration of item association
    • Begin to work on character items and association with new changes/system

As always we continue to look forward to your constructive feedback so we can continue to improve The Repopulation and bring the original vision to life. We hope you’ll continue to follow our progress, and test alongside us.

Thank you again for all the testing, and tickets. Your feedback is valuable to us during our development phases.