Fallen Earth: April State of the Game


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April State of the Game

It's finally feeling like spring around here. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, the trees have coated everything in a fine yellow mist and the art department is hard at work on new armor suits, terrain for The Outpost and some new cosmetic gear for everyone.

Let's talk about the armor first. We've been wanting to get some new styles of armor out there to give high end players a few more options. We are also looking toward future armor progression. Originally, the plan was to introduce Augmented Armor with the Outpost, and while we do want to eventually move in that direction, we plan to smooth out a few more balance points first. Augmented Armor is still coming, and these suits will be a step towards that eventually happening.

These new suits will be part of the new crafting recipes available once the Outpost itself is player controlled. Both the outpost buildings and the new suits will require some of the high level mats that have been floating around for some time now.



In addition to working on the Outpost, one of my main projects has been tweaking world node balance. What this will look like is an increase in hand placed nodes that reflect the setting and environment better and fewer nodes scattered willy-nilly. We will be completing this project in stages. Alpha County, Terminal Woods, Deadfall and the lower half of sector 1 are completed as of this writing. If you are interested in giving feedback, please hop on to the PTS where you can see some of the changes.

And speaking about PTS – this rather extensive node project and other ongoing tasks would not be possible without the help of the Decon team. If you are interested in joining the Decon team check out this link for more information - http://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic...rograms-are-currently-accepting-applications/

I'd love to hang out and chat more but The Outpost is calling!

See you in the Wasteland