Fallen Earth: February in the Wasteland


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Hey Everyone,
As work continues on Global Territory Control and the systems that will follow it, we have some stuff in store for February that might interest you:

  • Steam - As you have already noticed, you can now link your Fallen Earth account to a Steam account, and set Fallen Earth to securely authenticate your login via Steam. This means no more typing account credentials for Steam users. Later this month we will be adding full Steam integration, meaning you can track other friends playing Fallen Earth, check out their FE achievements, and download and install the game quickly and easily via the Steam platform.
  • Wasteland Warrior Tournament - This tournament, the first of its kind in Fallen Earth, will separate the casual newbie ganker from the seasoned Bloodsports and Faction Territory Control veterans. Testing one-on-one PvP prowess, this laddered event will play out from February 20-26, and will bestow riches and glory on the victors. Sign up details will be posted on the forums in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • Marketplace Packages - Do you want to try out all of the boosters, but are a bit strapped for cash? Maybe you think a Flame Cowboy Hat just doesn't make sense without a matching Duster and Pants. If so, then you'll appreciate our Booster Mega-Pack and Flame Suit packages which include the above mentioned sets at a discounted price!
  • Valentine’s Day Sale - Give a gift to a loved one! In addition to reduced prices on a variety of best-sellers and items, ALL marketplace goods will be tradable!
As mentioned, keep an eye out on the website and forums for more details on the each of the above. Next week we'll post more info on the upcoming Global Territory Control patch.