Fallen Earth: Happy November


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Happy November!

As we move in to the Holiday season the team is concentrating on some of the more pervasive issues that have cropped up in Fallen Earth. The first priority is resolving the unforeseen issues involving the datacenter. While this is not a simple task, we can say we have discovered the cause of the issues and are quickly moving to eliminate the problems.

While we investigate the other issues we have moved to a twice a week maintenance schedule to help reduce the impact on players. While it’s not a solution to the lag, it is a step towards finding a long term solution.
On the design side we are working on an Xmas event that will bring some new seasonal –themed recipes and clothing to the wasteland as well as some new non-holiday clothing rolled out between now and the end of the year.

And we are starting on The Outpost. While I can’t go into too much detail yet, this will be content for high level players that focuses on exploring and reclaiming the wasteland with a strong emphasis on crafting. We’ll also be revealing a bit more about the original occupants of the Canyon.

While we work on the Outpost we will also be putting out small quality of life tweaks to Group EXP and DT formulas and other bugs and balance issues so keep an eye on the forums for upcoming PTS test times and dates.

See you in the Wasteland