Fallen Earth: June State of the Game


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How’d that GTC thing work out for you?
We released GTC last month and since then have been busy addressing the bugs that have come up. Now that we have a good handle on those, we will be looking at some of the concerns players have brought up with balance issues for the harvesters and the consumables.

We are looking at the Deathtoll consumables to make sure they are worth the investment for the players. For these consumables to really play the role we wanted them to have in FE they need to be balanced a bit differently than other consumables, simply put – they need to be a bit stronger, especially for what’s coming.

As for harvesters we’ve stated in the past that we want to put players more directly in control of gathering resources so in that line we will be beefing the harvesters back up. We are also going to be releasing Farms, the non-pvp alternative to Harvesters. We still want activities with greater risk to have higher rewards, so before we can get Farms out, we have to make sure Harvesters are giving enough resources to be worth the effort. We’ve got a better balance point now and will be getting those changes on live asap.

What’s next?
I’m glad you asked, we’re working on a few new systems that should keep players entertained and challenged for a while. Since we’ve just spent a good long time on PVP, this time we’re going to be focusing on a bit more of the PVE side for our challenges. While I’m not ready to get too much into detail here, we’ll be working on putting some unloved and abandoned territory to better use as well as getting some new recipes out there for players to experiment with.

How come you don’t talk to us anymore?
We, and myself particularly, have gotten a bit lax about posting lately and for that I do apologize. It’s never my intention to leave you in the dark for too long. We had moved a bit more towards blog posts than posting.

We’re still reading your posts and comments, and as things move a bit more into production on our new systems, we’ll be hopping back over to give more info, answer questions, and generally be social - we’ll also try to bring Bob by as well, but he seems a bit shy these days.

See you in the Wasteland!