Fallen Earth: Player Experience: Let's Make it Better!


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Hi folks!
You have probably noticed a lot of small changes and tweaks popping up FE, from mini-map tooltips to skill detail pages and more. The goal of these small changes is to increase the “accessibility” factor in Fallen Earth, and generally just make it easier to use for everyone. While we want Fallen Earth to remain a complex and challenging game, the challenge shouldn’t come from figuring out the system, but from figuring out how to make it work best for you. We’d like to go through a few of these changes and give you an idea of how they work, where applicable.

With our last patch (2.39) we introduced multiple mission tracking, new icons to better differentiate between merchants and trainers, new faction colors for player radar icons and new mount icons. We also added pages players can access from the attribute window that give more details on the function and abilities of their Stats and Skills/Mutations. These pages should help players better design and plan their builds, both at high and low levels.

When our 2.4 patch (Global Territory Control) arrives, you will see even more tweaks and functionality improvements to the basics of Fallen Earth.

Find Nearest Garage (ability)
Now, if you get lost in the canyon with an empty fuel tank or a dead horse you will be able to get the waypoints to the closest garage to refuel, repair or heal your mount. Since we’re giving you the waypoints you’ll be able to store all the locations of your favorite garages!

Gear Slot Reduction
We have reduced the amount of gear slots necessary to fully equip your character. The amount of resistances are the same, but gloves, lower and upper arm armor and thigh pieces will now function like boots - equipping one will equip the set. While this does limit some of the customizability, we will be addressing that through more custom clothing options rather than through forcing players to hunt out available matching sets.

Improved Trainers
Trainers and skillbooks are a constant source of frustration, inventory clutter and are just generally a bit clunky. For all combat skills and mutations, the book system has been replaced with trainers who will directly give knowledges. The recipes that use the books have been adjusted to use other components.

A Brighter Night
We’ve also made some tweaks to the sky box so players will be able to see the things lurking in the dead of night just a bit better. The change is subtle enough to not ruin the feeling of trekking across a wasteland, but enough to prevent interruption in gameplay. We’re also making day longer to give players a bit more time in the sun.

We are adding sector chat so players will be able to communicate with all the players in order to better get groups and socialize. This will be available to everyone in the sector regardless of sub level.

Beyond GTC

AI Improvements
A common complaint from players level 1-55 is that the AI can sometimes seem a bit underdeveloped in its decision-making capabilities. We have been spending a lot of time reviewing how AI in Fallen Earth behaves, and improving it for a more challenging and fulfilling experience, across the board.

Other Stuff
We have plenty of ideas and stuff we are already looking at, but do let us know what YOU think would help improve the general player experience. Obviously things that cast the widest net for the most benefit will take priority, but if it's something specific to PvP, or vehicle crafting or whatever, and it's awesome, share it here or on the forums and it might get done!

See you in the Wasteland!