Fallen Earth: X-Mas Event


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2013 is winding down here and we're going out with a bang!

We've been putting the finishing touches on our Xmas event - the Grunch will be making his return to the wasteland and bringing with him new goodies for players to collect including but not limited to a new car, new camp, clothes and more.




We also have some new and timely items we will be adding to the cosmetic boxes at the end of December that celebrate some of the many nationalities or our players. We will be continuing to add to this particular collection so everyone who wants to can represent!



On top of that we're doing some "winter cleaning" and focusing on getting some bug fixes checked off our list as well as some long requested storage features.

From bug fixing we go into the New Year and The Outpost.

The Outpost will be a combination of different features we have been working on for the past few years. We will be combing them to provide players will a new area to not only explore, but build. Our focus for this expansion is putting more control of the players experience in their hands and giving crafters more of a role at the higher levels.

The Outpost will also tie in a lot of the separate systems, we wanted to give people who have a favorite activity a way to use that to grow the game. We don’t want to phase out any existing system, but make them a key component in the growth of Fallen Earth.

2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year in the wasteland. See you there!