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March State of the Game:

It’s been a hectic few months around the Fallen Earth offices , between the malicious traffic of January and the hardware improvements of February we’ve had our hands a bit full. However that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been moving forward with the Outpost as well as working on some of our other priorities.
So to give you some more information on what’s coming with the Outpost here is a behind the scenes look at the art from Wiggles and Ninjanomicory

Wiggles and I have been working on The Outpost this month. It is going to be a player built town similar to Citadel, but larger and more robust. The buildings are larger than those found in Citadel, including two story buildings for the social and crafting facilities. Since the plot for the area revolves around the Outsiders and GlobalTech we wanted to take advantage of those groups love of technology and give the buildings some high tech pieces as well as keeping the aged pre-fall feel.



We’re currently in the process of finishing up the models for the buildings that players will be able to build and testing them internally. In addition to these structures we are also working on new armor for The Outpost, but we’ll get more into those next month.

So for the big question is – when is it coming? Now that we are able to focus 100% on The Outpost we are looking to get a testable version on PTS in April with an eye on releasing in May.
Our other priorities are fixing the issues we found with the Keep Turrets , continuing to shift the balance of node places from random to hand placed and working on improving mission rewards.

Next month we will start going more in depth with the new armor suits as well as giving more details on the plot and the mysteries behind The Outpost.

See you in the wasteland