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GU 4 - Smuggler Updated Tree

Cijj Jodaij

HanseSOE hat ein paar angepeilte Veränderungen für den Smuggler im offiziellen Forum gepostet.
Wollen wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten.

Auf Wunsch produzier ich eine Übersetzung, aber im Moment einfach etwas beschäftigt.

The Larch schrieb:
I mean.... Updated Smuggler trees!

Not much has changed on the Scoundrel tree, as far as new expertise. Idiot Proof Plan is moving from a tier 5 rank to a tier 4 rank. Narrow Escape has been moved over to make room for the new command "Nerf Herder".
Nerf Herder applies a root to your target on your next successful critical hit with a special attack.

A slew of new expertise have been added to the Smuggler page, replacing expertise that have been moved to your profession wheel.
Sly Lie, Fast Talk, Half Truth, Fake ID, Innocent Cargo, Underworld Boss, and Long Odds are now all abilities you get for free, as you level up. So, you can go out and get that Underworld faction maximized and have those bonuses without spending expertise!
In the image below, the left side is entirely new. It is the composed of three commands. The first two debuffs depend heavily on the Smuggler's luck.
"Skullduggery" is a debuff that decreases your opponent's ability to hit. "Blindside" increases its duration by 13 seconds per point (total 30 seconds maximum, with the base duration of 4 seconds) and "Eat Dirt" increases its hit reduction potential by 3% of your luck per point spent.
"Impossible Odds" is a debuff that increases the amount of hit rolls available on a target's defense table. "Loaded Chance Dice" increases "Impossible Odds" hit table quantity by 8% of your luck per point spent (20% maximum, after Impossible Odds base 4% of luck). "Sleight of Hand" increases the actual hit roll by 5% of the smuggler's luck per point spent as well as 13 seconds extended duration to the debuff per point spent (maximum 30 seconds, with Impossible Odds' 4 second base duration).
"Pistol Whip" is a new attack line with four levels of commands in it. The cooldown on the ability is 30 seconds. The top-end ability does 1400 damage plus weapon damage. "Beat Down" increases the base 2 seconds of stun by 1 second per point spent. "Flying Tackle" adds a stun chance to "Pistol Whip" for 50% chance per point spent (100% chance at maximum). You should not purchase "Beat Down" without buying "Flying Tackle" first.
"Blaster at Your Side" adds a flat damage bonus of 100% of your level to all your attacks greatly increasing your DPS with weapons. This bonus is scaled by weapon speed (pistols fire 2.5 times per second, so the damage is 40% of the bonus per shot).
"Shoot First" is a new line of attacks and can be used on any target with either a pistol or melee weapon. The cooldown on "Shoot First" is a minute. The range of the ability is limited by weapon range. At its top end, it does 2160 damage plus weapon damage. If used on a friendly player that is actually a bounty hunter which has your bounty, it will initiate combat with that bounty hunter and deal its damage as the first attack.

This concludes the entirely new additions to the Smuggler trees. I'm continuing on to contentious issues such as Elbow Grease, Gun Oil, False Hope, the armor line, spot a sucker, and Off the Books improvements and will update you as I get those player suggestions completed.
Thanks for reading!

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