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Halloween Event Live!


Offizier vom Dienst
Our Halloween event is finally live! We decided to run it starting today and for a week or two to avoid the mass of commotion of all the other events going on. The result though, we think you'll enjoy!

Our event centers around a ghost town. An actual ghost-town I mean. Scattered around this town are several pages to a cryptic book. Finding and assembling these pages into chapters, then the chapters into the full book grants the player the ability to exchange that tome for any of several new quest rewards.

Among these rewards are an Ennie costume, two new Halloween-themed crystals for discordance blades and a new hilt called the "Brimstone" hilt which generates a hellfire-infused blade.

Make sure you craft and bring ammunition that causes EM damage though as the ghosts inhabiting this region can only be damaged by electro-magnetic ammo! For those using an AK this ammo is dubbed "Spangler" 7.62 ammo in your crafting tool. Kudos to anyone old enough to get the reference ;)