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SWG-EMU: Weekly DEV Update - 10.11.2013


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We are using Jenkins & Gerrit. You can find all commits to Basilisk here, and all commits to Test Center Nova here. You can still report all bugs you find on Test Center Nova to the Mantis Bug Tracker. A helpful guide to bug reporting can be found here.

Our current focus is the Publish 5 Checklist. Features planned to be in publish 5 and 6 can be seen in the SWGEmu Roadmaps

Non linked Mantis reports are in the dev area and can not be viewed with out dev access.

(Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk

(Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are being tested

TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
  • (stable)[Fixed] Bounce back at movement updates with invalid posture
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 6

  • (stable)[Added] Logout ejection to Mos Eisley med center
  • (stable)[Fixed] A city that drops below rank 3 will now be unregistered automatically
  • (stable)[Fixed] The maintenance cost for city registration will now
    be reflected in the total line of the maintenance report and not just
    the city hall line
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Pets no longer retain their owners faction affiliation when stored
  • (unstable)[Fixed] A pet cannot be tamed while one is being called or another is being tamed
  • (unstable)[Fixed] A pet cannot be called while one is being tamed
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Active pet checks when attempting to tame
  • (unstable)[Fixed] A pet is properly added to a player's active pets when tamed
  • (unstable)[Added] The ability for a character with no creature handler skill to be able to call 1 non-aggressive pet up to CL 10
  • (unstable)[Added] Checks for type, number, level, and aggressiveness of pets during trading
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Pets without a creature template are set to no faction when stored
  • (unstable)[Added] Control device template to Tatooine mobiles
  • (unstable)[Added] Control device template to Yavin mobiles
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Trading a droid's control device now checks the number in the recipient's datapad
  • (unstable)[Added] Attribute list to pet control device
  • (stable)[Fixed] Respawn on a static spawn
  • (stable)[Fixed] Themepark reward weapons to not have random dots
  • (stable)[Fixed] Retreat to no longer be applied to a group member that's riding a vehicle. Mantis #4441
  • (stable)[Fixed] Clone activation request now verifies that a
    location is actually a valid cloning facility before offering it as
    closest facility
  • (stable)[Removed] Access fees from civic buildings
  • (unstable)[Removed] Random dot chance from Rantok sword
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Player city shuttle ports to not schedule twice
  • (stable)[Removed] Access fees from civic buildings

Loshult (Developer)
  • (stable)[Changed] disabled jedi progression system since they are incomplete
  • (unstable)[Added] Automatic send to in giveItem method in Director Manager if the item is given to a player creature
  • (unstable)[Removed] sendTo of the item created with the giveItem method from all .lua files
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Incorrect calculation of remaining time in PersistentEvent notifyLoadFromDatabase
  • (unstable)[Added] Old man will now hand out the force crystal
  • (unstable)[Enabled] Spawning of old man again
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Multiplication of old man spawn tasks in the PersistentEvent
  • (unstable)[Changed] Refactored some tests for the village jedi manager
  • (unstable)[Added] Old man will now know if he has given the player the crystal or not
  • (unstable)[Added] Better checks for the spawning of the old man
  • (unstable)[Added] Mocks for village_jedi_manager, village_jedi_manager_holocron and old_man in .lua
  • (unstable)[Changed] Director_manager_mocks to setup everything when
    the file is parsed to match the test environment with how the
    environment is when files are loaded from the core3
Bertlast (Quality Assurance)
  • (stable)[Changed] Cities and frogs

(Code Contributors)
  • (unstable)[Added] Filled in empty herald templates
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Filled out missing npc templates

(Code Contributors)
  • (stable)[Fixed] Deposit/withdraw not working at banks. Mantis #4416
  • (unstable)[Added] Datapad limited to 5 droids
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Disabled factory runs on Tatooine tapestry loot schematic
  • (unstable)[Added] Mobile templates for crafted droids (temporary stats)
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Crafted droids use mobile templates
  • (unstable)[Changed] R3 droid on Tatooine to be non-crafted mobile

Mack (Code Contributors)
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Better handling of resource stacking during sampling. Mantis #3736
  • (unstable)[Changed] Updated vendor add barking to 128 chars from the default of 25. Mantis #3426
  • (unstable)[Changed] Grouped mission payouts increased by 37%. Mantis #3833

Cem Canatar (Community contributors)
  • (unstable)[Changed] Removed/Added Some Trainers
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Planet Travel Point, Restuss Starport. Mantis #4316

~ The SWGEmu Development Division