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SWG-EMU: Weekly Dev Update - 24.11.2013


(Stable) = Commits are now on Basilisk
(Unstable) = Commits are on TC Nova and are being tested

TheAnswer (Lead Developer)
  • (unstable)[Fixed] DeltaBitArray
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Stability issue x 2

  • (unstable)[Fixed] Buffs to only be usable on players. Mantis #4508
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Buffs can now be used on creature pets
  • (unstable)[Fixed] BH arakyd droids can only have one find task launched. Mantis #4504
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Pet control device attribute list to display base ham instead of current max ham
  • (unstable)[Changed] /diagnose to work on pets
  • (unstable)[Added] /tame command
  • (unstable)[Changed] Admins always have open container permissions
  • (unstable)[Added] Datapad argument to /snoop
  • (unstable)[Changed] /kill does not work on pets
  • (unstable)[Changed] /killplayer now works on pets
  • (unstable)[changed] /gmrevive can now revive pets or buff creature pets

Loshult (Developer)
  • (unstable)[Added] .lua object manager
  • (unstable)[Changed] Moved withXXX functions from screen play to object manager
  • (unstable)[Changed] Director manager mocks to have the mock functions in the mocks table
  • (unstable)[Changed] ScreenPlay no longer extends ObjectManager. withXXX functions has to be explicitly called in the object manager instead
  • (unstable)[Added] Methods to LuaPlayerObject to access the fs quest bit array
  • (unstable)[Added] .lua quest manager
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Swapped active and completed bit arrays in the PlayerObjectDeltaMessage8
  • (unstable)[Added] Quest Journal quests for the old man
  • (unstable)[Fixed] Name of hasActiveQuest in quest manager
  • (unstable)[Added] Mocks for the .lua quest manager
  • (unstable)[Added] Quest script folder
  • (unstable)[Added] Task module for quests that handles start and finish of quest tasks
  • (unstable)[Added] PersistentEvent module in .lua

Mack (Code Contributors)
  • (unstable)[added] Agrilat Swamp Racetrack

Cem Canatar (Code Contributors)
  • (unstable)[Added] Npcs at lesser poi & misc stuff
  • (unstable)[Added] NBZ for lesser poi on naboo
  • (unstable)[Added] Npc's at lord Nyax cult
  • (unstable)[Changed] Some coordinates on npc's
  • (unstable)[Changed] Screenplay from cities to poi
  • (unstable)[Added] Doaba screenplay & misc stuff
  • (unstable)[Added] 2 Naboo poi .lua files
  • (unstable)[Added] Gungan sacred place screenplay & misc stuff
  • (unstable)[Added] Corellia Rebels vs Imps screenplay & rest of .lua static spawn files
  • (unstable)[Added] The rest of the cities .lua files in the cities folder
  • (unstable)[Added] Coronet screenplay & misc stuff
  • (unstable)[Added] NBZ for race coordinator npc
Scott Stoltenkamp (Community contributors)
  • (unstable)[Fixed]Some theme park schematics not checking looted component Ser#'s. Mantis #0004496